Welcome to Silver Maple Puppy & Equine!

We live at the edge of Maple Valley located on the outskirts of Sugarcreek, OH. Our farm consists of 39 acres with horses, ponies, cattle, chickens, cats and of course our puppies and their parents. We are a Christian family ranging from 42 to 7 years of age. Our entire family is involved in feeding, caring and training of our puppies and horses. We believe puppies and children fit well together as they help teach our children how to be responsible adults.

The breeds of dogs that we enjoy and pursue are Pugs, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and Newfoundlands. They are housed in a climate-controlled facility with access to the outdoors through doggie doors. Our fenced exercise yard is a place they enjoy to run and play in.
Our veterinarian, East Holmes Vet Clinic (330)893-2057, gives each of our dogs a head-to-toe examination once a year.

Most of our dogs were born on our farm. However, to keep improving our bloodlines and genetic diversity, we will occasionally buy a puppy from a reputable breeder who we feel has the quality that we want to produce a lovely family pet or personal companion. We selectively breed for health and good temperament while staying true to each breed’s standards according to the American Kennel club.

We have successfully shipped puppies all over the United States with no problems. The $400 shipping fee includes the pre-flight health check and a crate sized for you puppy. Of course you are also able to pick up your puppy at our home by appointment.

Our goal is to have each puppy go to a caring home where they can be a blessing to their owner.

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Interested in our Parent dogs who are ready to be retired and are looking for a new “Career”? They have been great parents and are looking for a good home in which to retire.

Silver Maple Horses & Foals

In addition to our lovable little pups, we also breed a number of horses. These include Haflingers, Friesians, Dutch Harness horses, Standard-Bred, Belgians and Hackney horses. We enjoy breeding and working with these types of horses for their aptitude as pleasure horses, performance horses, and harness horses.

Please visit our Foals & Horses page to learn more about the horses we have available.