Silver Maple Puppy & Equine’s Policies

Before leaving a deposit and reserving your puppy, we ask that you read the following information carefully. When you reach the end of this section, you will see a link leading you back to our Puppy Deposits page. Once there, you can fill out our puppy application form and leave your deposit.

We at Silver Maple Puppies do not prescreen our customers, but trust and expect all our new puppy customers to provide excellent care and loving homes for our little ones.

Over the years we have met many wonderful, caring people, and have had the assurance they all went to great homes!

If you feel you have done your research on the costs associated with a new puppy, have adequate living and yard space or a dog park close by, some time to devote to training/bonding with your new companion, and have read our Health Contract Page, you may go ahead and fill out the short application on our Deposits page and leave a $206.10 deposit via the PayPal button on that same page to reserve one of our puppies.

Our Pricing (Subject to change)

Pembroke Welsh Corgis – $1500-2000

Pugs – $1500

Newfoundlands – $1200-1500

Please note: We are required by the State of Ohio to charge and collect 7.25% sales tax on all of our retail puppy sales, unless puppy is shipped or delivered out of Ohio.

*We accept payments through PayPal or cash ONLY*

Deposit Policy

Deposits to hold a puppy are $206.10. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Deposits are always available to transfer to a different puppy if available, or to a future litter, but only if there is a health or genetic issue with your puppy. We will notify you if this would be the case.

If your puppy of pick is already chosen, you may take your second choice.

Any questions, feel free to Contact Us or call 330-231-7914.

If you are ready to reserve a puppy, please fill out our short application first, then leave your deposit. Please do not fill out this form if you are not going to leave a deposit.

Health Contract

When our puppies reach 6-7 weeks of age, they will receive their first vet visit. East Holmes Vet Clinic (330) 893-2057 issues each puppy a white health paper stating their findings. See sample below (click image for larger version).

If you have reserved a puppy we will notify you of the results of the vet exam.

Please note: If your puppy is to be shipped by plane, he/she will need a special “pink” health paper issued by our vet in order to get on the plane. If you are picking your puppy up at our home from outside of Ohio, technically you will also need this paper to cross state lines.

Click Here to return to our Puppy Deposits page.

Please Contact Us if you have any other questions.